Hi. I'm Terry. And while "Hannukatz Saves Hannukah"
might be the most fun book I've ever written about the Jewish holidays, I've done some other pretty cool stuff too. Muddy Waters, who was a big hero to Chuck Berry, wrote three songs with me and one won a Grammy. I also wrote the Boston Celtics fight song, which was recorded by George Thorogood who sings "Bad to the Bone," and other songs you hear in commercials during football games on tv. I actually knew a lot of those Blues guys - guys with really cool names like "Howlin' Wolf" and "Taj Mahal." Over the years, I took lots of pictures of them. The pictures are in a book which is now in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I also wrote for a woman named Oprah Winfrey, who you might have heard of. And I create crazy Bar Mitzvah videos with titles like "I Was a Teenage Potato Latke." There's a lot of me in Hannukatz. There's also a lot of my cousin Babalu Epstein. Thanks, Babalu.